Noviana is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met.  In the magical atmosphere of Ubud, Bali, she will tell you the truth about your life, fears and concerns. If you are ready to listen, of course. I was surprised, happy and I still can hear her words after two months. Because of her, I’ve started to dance, to have more confidence in myself and to understand that nothing is random in this world.

1. Dear Noviana, can you tell me your story in just one sentence?

I’m always flowing and don’t make plans, because I always believe everything is my karma and “takdir” (destiny), so I just enjoy my job.

2. What does Bali mean to you, especially Ubud?

Bali reminds me of my childhood in Java, where I always felt connected with the universe. Ubud is more like “I am home”.

3. What is the most common question that your clients ask you?

My clients are various, until now I’ve read about 5.000 people, but the majority worry about money and love life hahahaha. And I’m always suggesting them to fix their “now” first, because the future is what we plant now.

4. What are people looking for in Ubud?

Before the film “Eat Pray Love” boomed, they were coming here because they were drawn by the energy of this place, but after the movie – many people felt inspired by it and thought they can be like Julia Roberts in 3 months. That’s why many people became disappointed, they forgot that life is a long hard working journey for finding happiness. People often forget that the first key to happiness is “acceptance” – once they can accept their life as it is, they can be happy wherever they go.

5. The magic of the island is real. It is a combination of nature, spirituality and good people – for me at least. But for you? What is this magical thing about Ubud?

For me Ubud is home.  The energy here helps me a lot to be more focused inward.

6. Tell me more, please, about your work.

I left my job as the creative director in BBDO INDONESIA in 2007 and moved to Ubud. Then, I worked as a trainer and senior teacher in the Indonesian Language School Cinta Bahasa and also as the Media Manager for Balispirit Festival until now, but in the mean time I do the tarot reading, since I was in Jakarta.

7. If you could have anything in the world, what would you choose?

A peaceful mind and a kind heart.

8. Teach us, please, an exercise for receiving abundance and love in our lives.

For me, abudance is when we always feel gratitude and surrender, and our mind is not controlled by worries. As a Javanesse, my culture taught me that everything is already in the Grand Design; life is a continuous movement and reality changes all the time, we have to learn to know and respect what is there for us and at the same time not to get too attached to it. Counting the blessings.  For Love is just simple, give more love to all sentient beings and life (including ourselves), with no expectation in return.

9. Why dreams do come true so fast in Ubud?

Bali is a magic land, every morning and evening the whole island gives offerings to this land. This positive accumulation of energy makes the manifestation fast, BUT that also depends on how you plant the good karma seeds. Because everything is fast, bad karma is fast too.  It’s a purification land. What you plant is what you harvest.