Javanese Mysticism & Tarot


Better known as Bude Novi to her friends and family, Bude Novi has been an integral part of the BaliSpirit Festival since its inception in 2008. A devoted member of the core Festival development team, Bude Novi has been the creative force behind the media center and other aspects of the festival for years. A world religions peace activist at heart, and phenomenal story teller, Bude Novi will present this year about Javanese Mysticism and its cultural significance; she will also teach her about her love of Tarot.

Before moving to Bali in 2007 Bude Novi devoted the previous 18 years of her life to a Jakarta based career in TV production and advertising, where she grew from Copywriter to Creative Director in multi-national advertising agencies, such as Grey Jakarta, Dentsu Young and Rubicam, Leoburnett Jakarta and BBDO Indonesia. Where she won awards both nationally and internationally. During that time she was also a guest lecturer for Creative Strategy and led workshops at many leading Indonesian universities such as Atmajaya University, Gadjah Mada University, Mercubuana University and Imago School of Advertising.


Originally from Jogyakarta, Indonesia’s Javanese cultural capital, Budenovi was raised by two open minded and feminist Moeslem parents with strong Javanese roots, based in Kejawen, giving her a strong Javanese spiritual background.

“Kejawen or Javanism, also called Kebatinan, Agama Jawa, and Kepercayaan is a Javanese religious tradition, consisting of an amalgam of animistic, Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic, especially Sufi, beliefs and practices. It is rooted in the Javanese history and religiosity, syncretizing aspects of different religions Kejawen” 

Many years later, when she eventually landed in Ubud, Bude Novi was the mother of two young sons on a mission to change her life. In Bali she continued on her path towards inner spiritual growth and discovered the Tarot.

At this stage in her life, Bude Novi devotes her time to serve and love people very seriously and, as a deeply intuitive Tarot Card Reader, has given readings to over 10,000 people from all around the world. She has also begun offering Tarot and Self Growth Empowerment workshops throughout Indonesia.

This is her first year presenting at the festival and we are very excited!

For more information about Bude Novi, find her in the media center, attend her workshops or see: