Noviana’s approach is very special: she combines with extreme delicacy the spirituality of Balinese Hinduism with the reader’s personality. In my personal case, these correlations were very accurate and highly resonate with my personal horoscope.
Also, I was very impressed with the skilful manner she utilises only one deck of cards.
In addition, she was very generous; Noviana feed me with a pure and loving energy – this is a rare quality in readers. I believe Noviana is the most accomplished reader I have met.
My sister recommended Noviana to me; I recommend Noviana to all.
Love, Leonor Veiga
Be careful who you open yourself up to in Bali…Noviana is a holy women you can trust. She speaks with such clarity and I warmed to her immediately. I didn’t go to the meeting to test her clairvoyancy, I came and shared what  I already knew and asked her for more information. I came away with a huge vision for my future. All my questions were answered. Thank you Noviana for sharing your gift. My pleasure to write for you Noviana. The young girls I sent to you were profoundly affected by their meeting with you. You revealed so much direction for them also.I treasure your words “Don’t be scared… you are a well person” as fear tends to creep in when I am not careful. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again next year. I am busy now starting an Eco Resort Organisation for Bali and Indonesia. If you know anyone who should be invited, let me know or ask them to email for information.




I have had the privilege of having experienced two readings from Noviana. The first 2 years ago and the second last month. Both readings were very impressive. Novi was able to tell me spot on and to the point what is happening in my life. She has given me meaningful insights about the processes I myself and the people surrounding me are going through. During the readings it felt like I was talking to my best friend who knows everything about me and who loves and respects me.
Since –to my astonishment- most of her predictions from the first reading have become reality, I went back for a second reading. What also surprised me, was that the predictions for the far future were similar during both readings.
Noviana is a beautiful soul with a great talent. It’s the best gift you can give to your self to have a Tarot reading from Noviana.

Erwin Bouwman
Director Legal People, Amsterdam


Novi, who comes from a family of Javanese mystics, is a very intuitive channel who clearly sees and communicates the ‘big picture’.  She’s particularly helpful in identifying old issues and suggesting ways we can find new balance in our lives.  I found our session most valuable and will be consulting her again.

Ibu Kat ( Cat Wheeler), Writer, Reiki Master, Ubud


I was greatly skeptical about Tarot reading. What I got was one surprise after another. Novi definately is gifted.
Her instinct knowledge about humans
Is beyond reason.
Werner Jankowsky, Ubud
“Novi is intuitive, creative, and brings much positive energy to any project she is engaged in. With her, there are no dead-ends, there are only doors waiting to be opened. She was good with both clients and colleagues – open, warm and welcoming of ideas. Working with her was always a pleasure!” July 26, 2009
Rajesh MenonCreative Director 2003-2004, BBDO Indonesia

“I call Noviana “Miss Passion”. Inspire her and she will deliver. Her patience and creativity has often led to fun but workable solution when faced with challenges.” July 8, 2009

 Lukman Jahja,  Account Director, BBDO Indonesia


“will always remember bude Novi advice: to have a real passion towards your work no matter what people said. One of her advice was: to make friends from people from other industry as well to broaden your knowledge. She taught me to have a life on your own in order to deliver not just a good result, but a great output. Glad she made her path as far as today.”

Rani Fadjar, Snr.AE, BBDO Indonesia

“We usually called her “Bude Novi” and all of my clients’ creative works were assigned to Bude Novi’s creative group. I was glad to have the chance working with her. Bude was so cooperative and opened to any inputs from us, the client service group, in order to deliver satisfied results. Bude is an open-minded person and I always admire her courage to leave everything here in Jakarta, following her heart and passion in Bali.”

Maria Bebasari (Sari), Client Service Executive, BBDO Indonesia


“When I attended the beginner’s class at Cinta Bahasa I really came as a beginner, absolutely no knowledge whatsoever. After 4 weeks I have now the basic structure one needs to converse. Your guru Novi is most patient and she really knows how to teach. The fellow students and me, we had a blast. I will continue my studies ASAP.”

Werner Jankowsky 
March 2011


I just wanted to thank you both for two excellent courses. Both Arie and Novi were outstanding teachers (and good fun!)

Anna Hassett
May 2012


Dear Noviana,

It was amazing to meet you last Saturday. I would like to thank you for making time for me. You struck me as insightful, accurate, wise and totally captivating. You radiate so much positive energy, which is contagious.
Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I would like to inform you that I took on your advice and attended the Sunday Dance at Yoga Barn and it was absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!! I also attended the Kirtan in the evening, which was an equally powerful experience.
I plan to pay a visit at Bumisehat by the end of this week. I will be leaving this Saturday, but should be coming back to Ubud again in the near future!!
Ubud is indeed a place of great healing….
Thank you for all your tips, advice and for generating so much positivism.
I would love to see you again in the future.
Kind regards, 
Kesini. London, September 2012