Tarot is a mystical and magical system of divination used for self understanding, mastery of life lessons, and predicting the future. The Cards are pictures that contain ‘hidden symbolic knowledge,” or “occult information” that a trained student can see, understand, and interpet.

Each card contains a picture that eminates energy. This energy is then read and interpreted to predict patterns of energies coming into your life and life experiences.

In this class you do not memorize card meanings. You will learn all about the symbols on the cards, what to look at on the cards and guide you to ‘intuitively feel’ their meanings and messages.

Tarot is a wonderful medium to help us understand this fantastic journey called life.
Put down those hard to read and memorize books!
The wisdom of the cards is inside you. Join this class and allow me to share with you the secrets and wisdom of the cards.

If you consider yourself a more logical minded person, tarot can be used as a bridge tool to get your mind and intuition working together. Tarot is in many ways, both logical and intuitive, blending the energies of the mind and symbolic messages of spirit which create intuitive flashes of knowingness.

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